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Help Wanted
[Image: 2826374.jpg]

Have you ever had a cool feature you wished was part of the Spite web interface, but we don't have the time to implement?  Do you ever wish you could get your hands on one of our stylesheets and wring some sense into it?  Are you a budding software developer who could use a real-world project to work on?  Alternately, are you an experienced software developer who would love a chance to contribute meaningfully to the Spite community?  Do you dream of being a technical wizard who can periodically improve the lives of dozens of people?  Would you like to bend the web to your will in the service of your Chief Technomancer?  Are you tired of my questions yet?

If you said "yes" to several of the above questions, you may have what it takes to to be Spite's next Technomancer!  Brian Johnson will be leaving us for an illustrious career on the Spite Plot team, which leaves us down a man.  That's where you potentially come in.  The responsibilities of a Spite Technomancer are as follows:
  • Use Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS to bend the web to your will.
  • Implement features that the team decides are important. (Exact amount of contribution is flexible based on your schedule, but you will need to implement something.)
  • Fix bugs that inevitably will crop up.  (Side note: Technomancers are not eligible for the bug bounty, since they're the ones responsible for making sure bugs don't happen.)
  • Approximately biweekly, check in with the team through a video call to report progress, keep abreast of everyone else's current status, and participate in triage.
  • Regularly check your code into our shared Mercurial repository.
  • Accept design and coding critiques and offer them to the other team members.
But you don't get responsibilities without benefit:
  • Use Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS to bend the web to your will.
  • Have a hand in shaping the future of the Spite web interface.
  • Free informal training to get you up to speed in our languages and frameworks.
  • Hive Points. (Based on how much you're able to contribute.)
  • Collaborate with existing Technomancers, who are very Cool Cats.
  • Become a trusted member of Spite staff.
If that sounds interesting to you or you have any questions, please email  Include any relevant experience you have.

Some programming experience is necessary, but it's not strictly necessary that you have direct experience with Python3/Django, and Javascript/Jquery.  However, the more relevant experience you have, the greater chance we'll be able to quickly get you on board and contributing.  Likewise, we will need to meet in-person before we decide to bring you on the team, so while you don't need to live in the Seattle area, it's more convenient if you do.

"But wait," I can hear you asking, "Isn't the Spite web interface mostly done?"  Eh, not really.  While we've covered a lot of the core uses and are pleased with what we've built so far, there are still a lot of areas for improvement.  To give you a very rough idea, our collaboration spreadsheet has 75 tasks we'd still like to complete, compared to about 175 that we've already done.  On top of that, so far, each game has had at least one new major feature come out of it that we wanted to be sure to add, and before each game we've had to cut features because we didn't have enough time.  I don't foresee us running out of things for our Technomancers to improve upon any time soon.

So, if that sounds like it might be up your alley, that address again is  Apply today.  Operators are standing by.

Jimmy Hastings
Chief Technomancer

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