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Attempting another hack
After having failed to hack the acount "My First Character" with the account "Not a Hacker" I failed, and the interface showed the "gain access" button dimmed. After refreshing, the button was bright again, and I attempted a hack. I set the slider, and then it returned

"Network Error. Please try again.
If the problem persists, please report it to your local Technomancer"

I believe I am reporting that now.

My assumption here is: 1 attempt per event, so I should not be able to try again.
Second on this. I did the same process of failing, refreshing, trying again, and getting the error.
You should only be able to try the same hack once, but I now see that the UI for that did not make the beta release. I'll add it to the list of Known Issues. Thanks!

On a different note, "Not a Hacker" is a hacker? Devious.

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