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Energy Transfer 2
So the second rank in energy transfer allows you to siphon energy from targets who are either willing or unconscious. Obviously when interacting with an unconscious target you would just ask how much En they have and let them know how much you are taking (all of it, clearly). But when trying to con- I mean persuade a fellow conscious person to part with some of their En pool, what would be the IG way of phrasing that request?
First, this is a good catch. We need to edit the defense section to include this instance (Energy Leech was written well after the defense section, unfortunately, we didn't catch this).

How this should be handled: If you're character doesn't know how much En a person has, then you don't know. You can attempt an energy leech on them but the gamble is, that they might not have any left. In the case that a target has no En left and an energy leech is attempted, the target would call "no effect".

But if you had science rank 1, you could use your ability to see, specifically, how much En a target has.

Communicating hard numbers is only allowed when a call is used. But there are plenty of handy ways to communicate how much En a target has:

"This one is just full of energy" / "This one seems pretty drained." / "I barely broke a sweat, feeling fully charged" / "That fight was rough, running on fumes over here" / "Taking out that drom took a lot out of me, I'm running at 50% at best."

I will make sure this is added to the small list of clarifications and updates for year 2's rule book.

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