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Spending Hive Points on Credits and XP
Hive Points!  You can spend them on credits or XP, among other things, but you always had to email to do anything.  No more!  From now on, you can use the Hive Point Manager section of the website to buy credits or XP.  You also have more flexibility when buying credits to change where these credits are coming from in-game, and for what reason.  Is it a reimbursement for company expenses?  Bonus for a job well done?  Care package from Mom back home?  Unspecified?  Your imagination is the limit!

Since this system now exists, except in special circumstances, logistics will no longer be handling XP or credit purchase requests.  For all other Hive Point related inquiries, continue to use
holy shit this is the coolest damn thing. Thank you so much Jimmy and all! Big Grin
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