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Special offer: raffle for a free ticket to game 3!!
The Raffle is over. Thanks to everyone that participated!

In case you missed it on Facebook, here's your awesome Spitemas present!!

Spiteful holidays to all!

Spite is giving away a holiday gift and raffling a free pass!

At the end of the year, everyone who has prepaid for the April '16 game will be awarded a Hive Point!

That's not all! If we get to 50 prepays, everyone who prepaid will be entered into a raffle! The winner of the raffle can either have their entry fee refunded or choose a player to receive a free entry to Game 3 in April! If we get to 100 prepays by the end of the year, we'll raffle 3 entries!

Just want an extra raffle ticket? Use the Donate option on the Registration page on and send in $5 with your name and "Raffle" in the notes and we'll put you in the pool an additional time!

Remember that you're automatically entered once just for prepaying, so you only need to send in extra if you'd like additional entries to improve your chances.

Current status: 22 prepays received! That's 22 hive points! Woo!
Head of Logistics Department
Current count is 38!! Can we do it? Can we manage 12 more before the new year?!?!
Head of Logistics Department
(12-29-2015, 06:56 PM)Barbara Martin Wrote: Current count is 38!! Can we do it? Can we manage 12 more before the new year?!?!

Just added 2 more!!!
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
We hit 50!
We'd like to announce that the winner of the raffle for the free pass was Aaron Edens! Congratulations, sir!

Thanks to everyone that signed up early and participated in the raffle! At final count there were 76 people who had prepaid by the end of 2015. The next major deadline isn't until March (when the price increases by $10), but the earlier you pre-pay the more time we have to use those funds for better props and costuming. You can save your spot by going to

Everyone who participated should have their Hive Points awarded shortly. We've all been busy with the holidays, but now we're quickly ramping up for Game 3!

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