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Spite Fundraiser and Pre-sale is Live
Hello Contractors,

Many of you have asked, “how can I help Spite?” and we have the answer; please contribute to our fundraiser and pre-buy your tickets for our April 24th -26th game. The more money we raise, the better game one will be. Our paypal email is:

From now until March 15th you can send us money via paypal at the following rates. Please note in your paypal message which perks you would like and a good email address to reach you at, to arrange perks and get you your ticket. Please note, tickets will raise to $55 after March 15th.

$45 = Ticket to game 1 of Spite

FUNDRAISER PERKS (Limit one of each perk, per player)
$25 = A mystery prop created by the Spite staff*
$15 = A prize pack from our sponsors
$10 = An exclusive XP to use at game 1**
$10 = 500 bonus credits
$10 = The official Spite bumper sticker
$10 = A fundraiser exclusive mystery tag grab bag, available at game 1***

*Painted blasters, dart pouches, and other small crafts, which one will you get?
**This will be added to your account when the database goes live.
***An assortment of tags to help equip your character and/or team.
Should we be sending monies as Goods&Services, or Friends&Family?
Will the grab bag of tags be known ahead of time, so we know if we need to buy that item or not?
JP: I'll let Matt answer that one.

David: From my understanding it'll be a grab bag of random extras. That being said, you can feel free to trade before game with other players or use them to trade IG or sell. We are doing it this way, so we don't make extra work for our logistic team.
Ron -- Understood. The other big reason for knowing ahead of time is that if anything requires a phys-rep (from flashlights or ammo to stimpacks and armor), it would be good to have a little heads up to obtain that prop.
Ah, that makes sense. Let me talk with logistics and see what we can do.
Talked to Matt about how to send the money: You can send it however you want. We can't officially recommend one or the other...
k, cool. For those wondering why I asked: the difference is that sending F&F applies no fees, but leaves you no recourse to claim "Hey, I didn't get my thing" and have Paypal refund you. Sending as G&S allows Paypal to withdraw some percentage of the money, and gives you the security of being able to get a refund through Paypal's service if you don't get what you paid for.
Is the fundraiser still on-going pre-game-2? Are the costs to pre-reg for game 2 the same?
We will announce prereg costs soon, though they should stay generally the same. The fundraiser is now complete and won't be offered for game two. We may have specific donation requests for game two, that we'll post as they come up.

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