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Spite Fundraiser and Pre-sale is Live
Hello Contractors,

Many of you have asked, “how can I help Spite?” and we have the answer; please contribute to our fundraiser and pre-buy your tickets now. The more money we raise, the better game 1 will be. Our paypal email is:

From now until March 15th you can send us money via paypal at the following rates. Please note in your paypal message which perks you would like and a good email address to reach you at, to arrange perks and get you your ticket. Please note, tickets will raise to $55 after March 15th.

$45 = Ticket to game 1 of Spite

FUNDRAISER PERKS (Limit one of each perk, per player)
$25 = A mystery prop created by the Spite staff*
$15 = A prize pack from our sponsors
$10 = An exclusive XP to use at game 1**
$10 = 500 bonus credits
$10 = The official Spite bumper sticker
$10 = A fundraiser exclusive mystery tag grab bag, available at game 1***

*Painted blasters, dart pouches, and other small crafts, which one will you get?
**This will be added to your account when the database goes live.
***An assortment of tags to help equip your character and/or team.
Only ten days left to take advantage of the presale pricing!
Don't want to log in to PayPal?
You can use the links on our website!
Can we use the to register at the 55$ rate or should we wait until on site?
We encourage prepays whenever possible, so please do! =)
Just curious, are the fundraiser perks no longer available? Or can I still tack on an extra $10 to my registration pre-pay to get an extra XP?

Go for it.

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