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Game 3 (April '16) Payments Recieved
Thanks to everyone who Pre-Paid! Remember to Register in the Character Manager:

We're received the following payments so far for Game 3 as of 4/19/16. Remember that you still need to Register with Logistics in the online Character Manager! A few people need to create accounts in the Character Manager so that we can award them Hive Points, and a few Hive NPCs can help us out by confirming that they'll be attending. Let us know if you'd like to NPC and aren't a member of the Hive as well, we'd love to have you!

Everyone please Pre-Pay and Register as soon as you're able. Earlier registration is helpful for the Plot Team and reduces Logistics work on site!

Here's the list of current Pre-Pays:

-Adam F.
-Claudia J.
-Charles D.
-Anna S.
-Rolf S.
-Myles H.
Aaron R.
-Cindy H.
-Benjamin T.
-Benjamin T.
Tristan Q.
-Veasna H.
-Paul G.
-Michael L.
-Nate B.
-Aaron S.
-Virginia O'C (was a double Ian P.)
-Brennan T.
-Ian P.
Nichole S.
-Susanna L.
-Cody McK.
Virginia J.
-Eric E.
Crystal E.
-Jameson K.
Roxy N.
Brennan T. (a second one?)
-Rhiannon S.
-Denise B.
-Sean Y.
Robert C.
-Kris S.
Pamila H.
Devlin A.
-Jordan McF.
-Zack D.
-Eric K.
-Kyra B.
-Geneva T.
Dean C.
-Bryan O.
-Hallie E.
Haley R.
-Benjamin B.
-Rachel F.
-Dante A.
-Ian C.
-Nicholas E.
Josh L.
Dakota B.
-Nathan H.
-David K.
(5 entries here removed because players decided to NPC instead)
-Scott N.
-Bonnie C.
Tim G.
-Phil S. +2 (Who are the other two payments for?)
-Holly E.
-Robert F.
Ryan W.
-Kyra B.
Brude D.
-Phillip P.
Shawn K.
-Cassie M.
Trevor U. (Originally Cody H.)
-Dylan N.
-Holly P.
-John P.
Brooklyn S.
-Sam A.
-Joey P.
-William M.
-Craig W.
Kyle E.
-Tai K.
Brooks D.
-Warren S.
Nataly S.
-Steve W.
-Wayne H.
-Luke D.
-Jocelyn T.
-Conor T.
Alexander W. (Needs an account to award 1 Hive Point)
-Tabitha K.
-Jessica R.
-Austin J.
-Alex N.
-Lucas T.
-Alex A.
Jordan B.
-Glenn A.
-Christopher P.
Jett C.
-Camilla P.
Michael B.
-Sulayman D.
-Dalton D.
-Griffin K.
-Ian P.
James Y.
-Zachary H.
-Elizabeth M.
-Frank D.
-Alison B.
Aaron E.
-Kimberlee K. (Raffle Prize Recipient!)
Phillip B.
-Skyler S.
Michele L.
-Alex B.
-Jacob W.
-Nikita M.
-Margaret R.
-Matthew S.
-John F.
-Adam F.
-Reena M.
-Michael R. S.
Paul V.
-Jeff K.
-Rachel M.
-Chloe M. (Cooking for NPCs)
Brian L.
-Zephyr T.

Below are people who have secured NPC slots: (28)
Barb M.
Brian J.
Cassandra J.
Carmen S. (Hasn't Registered)
Conor D.
David B. (Hasn't Registered)
Evan R.
Jason W.
Jimmy H.
Jordan V.
Kirsten O.
Marc DA
Matt O.
Raissa DA
Ron L.
Trish C. (Friday only) (Hasn't Registered)
Tucker B.
Will C. (Hasn't Registered)

Alyssa L.
Chris F. (Hasn't Registered)
David R. (Hasn't Registered)
Isaac H. (Hasn't Registered)
Matthew P. (Hasn't Registered)

Bob G.
Braden D.
Daniel S.
Lucas G.
Midge J.? (Unconfirmed. Please confirm registration.)
Pierre K.

Below are NPCs who have registered for the NPC Food plan: (21)
Alyssa L. (Hasn't paid)
Barbara M. (Hasn't paid)
Bob G. (Hasn't paid)
Braden D. (Hasn't paid)
Brian J. (Hasn't paid)
Carmen S.
Cassandra J. (Hasn't paid)
-Conor D.
Daniel S. (Hasn't paid)
David B.
Evan R. (Hasn't paid)
Jason W. (Hasn't paid)
Jimmy H. (Maybe has paid?)
Jordan V. (Hasn't paid)
Lucas G. (Hasn't paid)
Marc D. (Hasn't paid)
-Matt O.
Pierre K. (Hasn't paid)
-Ron L.
-Tucker B.
Will C.
The numbers are currently 128 PCs, 27.3 NPCs
I've just updated the pre-pay list!
Thanks to everyone who was able to pre-pay by the early deadline, it really helps us out to know who's coming in advance!
You can still pre-pay to avoid using cash on site and more notice helps us plan the event better.

We're also still looking for a few more NPCs!
NPCs play for free (and can opt in to our meal plan for $15).
Let us know if you're interested!
Updated with today's numbers/payments as of RIGHT NOW. Big Grin
Head of Logistics Department

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