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Downtimes Actions

What is a Downtime Action?
The time between events is known as Downtime. Sometimes players have specific ideas about what their character does in Downtime. Things like working as normal, participating in a small skirmish or other minor mission, visiting family, or other things that do not need Plot participation do not require a Downtime Action.

Downtime Actions are meant to provide plot-supported story for characters. For anything that requires Plot participation, information or response, a Downtime Action will need to be purchased. Downtime Actions cost 3 Hive points. Downtime Actions are never guaranteed to succeed, and may have unforeseen consequences at future events. The information resulting from a downtime may be shared or kept secret at the player’s discretion.

How do I Submit a Downtime Action?
Write up and email in your Downtime Action to Your email should be between 1-6 paragraphs with the subject line “Purchasing a Downtime Action” and clearly state what the character is trying to accomplish. We will respond with when you can expect the results of your Downtime.  Results are usually sent out 1-2 weeks before the next event.

What if my Group Wants a Downtime?
Groups can definitely all go in together on a Downtime Action. This requires a couple things, though.
All involved PCs must spend 3 Hive points to purchase the Downtime Action.
All involved PCs must be cc’d on the email to plot.

Group Downtimes can be slightly more substantial than a single player Downtime, since multiple players are involved. Have a single person write up your downtime action and send it in; however it should be approved by all participants before submission. All PCs will get the response directly from Plot.

What if I’m not sure if I need to buy a Downtime Action for my idea?
Shoot an email over to the Community Admin at, and she’ll help you figure out if it’s a Downtime Action or not.

I have questions about if something is a Downtime Requestt?
Please contact our Community Admin at
Updated, posted a version missing some information from personal plots. Fixed. =)
We are removing “personal plots” as a purchasable option from the Hive Point expenditure list. It was a pilot program that didn’t work out and became more cumbersome than anything else. This is a decision based on staff and player feedback. This doesn’t mean we will not be running personal plot. We just want the flexibility to run plots for people when it seems appropriate. Spite’s philosophy has always been to reward players who bring something extra to the game. Whether that be them generating stories that other PCs cling to in-game, epic props, or by bringing friends and starting with a higher rank. If you purchased a personal plot that has not resolved, please email and we will refund your hive points. We will attempt to resolve anything we’ve put out, regardless. Thanks for bearing with us as we learn and grow.

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