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Re: DTAs
All involved PCs must spend 3 Hive points to purchase the Downtime Action.

Each, or in total?
I would like to know this as well, as it is hard to justify a $150+ price tag for a downtime action for a squad.
Each PC spends 3 Hive Points. Three people wanting to do a group DTA would have to each spend 3, totaling 9 spent Hive Points.
I think you are missing the scope of how much work goes into down times. Downtime actions often take hours of prep to write, since we discuss each DT as a plot team before assigning someone to write them. We then edit and make sure that the downtime actions fit with the vision of the current plots and don't contradict anything that we are writing, which means coordinating 7 people.

Group down times are particularly problematic, since we write a group portion that incorporates the whole team and then make sure that each person who pays in, gets something specific.

In the beginning we weren't going to offer down times, at all, to better focus on writing plots for the whole game. This was the compromise, to better service those who absolutely need to do something between games that involves plot oversight. Most things your character does in their off-time doesn't require plot.

I hope that helps. =)
I don't doubt in the slightest how much time and effort goes into DTA, and every other aspect of the game. My comment was based strictly on a cost/benefit analysis of the descriptions of each item (DTAs vs. PPs).

Still, in effort to avoid offending, I've removed my post.
Thanks for the clarification.

I do feel that this might alter my group's DTA a bit. Our intention was to do "Our five characters are going to do X and Y", but with each player needing to fund their inclusion in the DTA individually, I suspect folks will want more bang for their buck in the form of "Our five characters are going to do X and Y, and then Steve is going to do Q, Laura will do Z, Monique and Chang will do R, and Laura and Steve will also do B".
Hi Everyone,

After reading your comments we had a staff discussion on the matter and we will be updating our policy. We felt as though, this method would maximize the value of group downtimes while not requiring those who don't want their own specific action to pay for one. I hope this works for all involved. =)

What if my Group Wants a Downtime?
Groups can definitely all go in together on a Downtime Action. This requires a couple things, though.
Group Downtimes cost 3 hive points + 1 / participant (so if you had 4 people it would cost 7 HP)
All involved PCs must be cc’d on the email to plot.

Group Downtimes will be written like an individual downtime action but involving the whole team. If you would like to do specific, separate action it will require your own personal downtime action on top of the group's. Have a single person write up your downtime action and send it in; however it should be approved by all participants before submission. All PCs will get the response directly from Plot.

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