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Wired Nervous System makeup?
Last time I used little "nodes" that I secured to my head and neck with spirit gum, but I found that these came off over time, and even faster if I worked up a sweat. So I'm looking to upgrade.

I'm looking for things that wouldn't be attached to my clothes and would stay close to my body. For example, wires running along skin (attached with adhesive) are good. Wires dangling around and falling off as I run are bad. Anyone have suggestions for adhesives, metallic makeup, or props that might work better? I'm looking for something that would attach to my neck and probably my forearms as well. I was also considering my temple or forehead as well, but whatever works works.

Thanks much!
You might try affixing wires to the leg section of a pair of tights which could be worn on the arms or legs. Also I would recommend using prosthetic adhesive or latex (if not allergic) instead of spirit gum. I tend to find that it holds better over time and bubbles less with perspiration.
also, rub the area you are going to affix to with alcohol and let that dry before you use the glue - this guarantees that your skin will be free from oil and can improve the adhesion.
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