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Blaster Holsters
I'm going to be buying one of these for next game:

The pictures I've looked at don't really provide any useful scale.   Unfortunately, too, they appear to be sold out from various Target stores around the area.  Does anyone have any idea how big this gun is or isn't and which holsters might work well with it?  Or alternatively, if this is so big that holster won't work?

I'm not totally sold on this blaster, I just want something clip fed as I get the sense that having to reload manually ever 6 shots or so is really tough to deal with in an IC firefight.   Perhaps people have found that not to be the case?   But are there any other clip feds that people find easy to use in game?  

Jinx Lindauer, RAID

The world, somebody wrote, is the place we prove real by dying in it. - Salman Rushdie
The style of gun is determined by by your Firearm skill level: Level 1 basically confines you to revolver-type weapons, while Level 2 allows you to move into the clip-fed pump units you want.

That particular blaster is basically a Retaliator with a built-in shoulder stock. If you were to cut the stock off, it would be only slightly longer than a standard Retaliator (because the grip is canted back further). With the shoulder stock, you'd probably need to use a shoulder sling to carry it. It does NOT allow for slam fire, so you have to pull the trigger each shot.

If you'd like, I have some advice about firearms depending on your Firearms skill level.
Sure!   I have Firearms 2.    I'm open to any advice people are willing to part with!
Jinx Lindauer, RAID

The world, somebody wrote, is the place we prove real by dying in it. - Salman Rushdie
Are you determined to go with a clip system blaster, or are you open to the idea of a revolver?

For clip system units, the Raider/Rampage works well, though some folks don't like it's side clip location.

The bottom clip alternative is the Alpha Trooper, though (for me), the lack of a fore-grip makes it a little harder to use. Both guns are SlamFire, so that's a plus. Both of these are "shotgun" style of pump guns, which I call "front pump"

The Retaliator, Recon MKii, and the Rebelle gun you linked to initially are all "top pumps", because the mechanism sits on the top of the gun. They all operate similar to a Strongarm, except that unlike the Strongarm, neither can do SlamFire. Basically, they are crippled Strongarms, that happen to use clips.

The Lawbringer is a 12 shot revolver that uses a hammer to cock, similar to the 5 shot Hammershot and Five by Five. A pair of those (since they could be fired one-handed) would offer 24 darts before a reload.

The Barricade/Stockade are 10 shot flywheel revolver, so you simply flip the motors on and fire one-handed. A pair of them would give you 20 darts before reloading, firing 2 darts at a time.

Similar to the Barricade is the Rebelle Fearless Fire, but it actually hold 20 darts instead of 10. It's a bit long for one handed use, but not impossible. A friend who has one says that it has shown a few feeding problems, but I don't know if that's a design flaw, or just that unit.

Since Level 2 clip guns all require 2 hands anyway (since they are pump), I'd go with the Raider/Rampage, since I can get the best grip on it. It can't be holstered, but a body sling works fine with it.

For Level 2 revolvers, the Fearless Fire is pretty freakin' awesome, but only if it feeds. Otherwise the Barricade/Stockade is the way to go, IMO.
Wow, that's an impressive amount of Nerf knowledge.

I am interested in clips mostly because I have a perception that they're easier to reload in a firefight.   This impression comes from talking to players who used both revolver and clip style guns in the last game and also watching people operate both.    

And yeah, I think the longer body stock pump guns will require a rifle sling, which is sensible and fine.

I'm actual fine with a longer body stock as in real life, I'm way more comfortable firing rifles than handguns.   I know a nerf gun isn't binary but general comfort and ease when you're trying to do something in game vs. derping around with something you're less familiar with does count for something.
Jinx Lindauer, RAID

The world, somebody wrote, is the place we prove real by dying in it. - Salman Rushdie

To add my opinions onto what David has mentioned:

Sounds like you're fixed on a "rifle" style.

I personally prefer the Alpha Trooper over the Raider/Rampage when it comes to NERF. Ive found that it has better range and a faster reload time, though practicing reloading with your chosen blaster can really make that difference with whatever you choose.

My biggest issue, that you may run into, with pretty much all magazine fed NERF blasters is the reliability of the magazines and the issues that arise with "panic firing".

Due to the construction of of the plunger system, the foam darts have the issue of folding in half inside the barrel which in a combat situation can be pretty deadly if you aren't able to clear the jam quickly. Ive found this most prevalent with the so-called "Jam-page" line. Thus me putting my favorites with the front loaders.

The issues with NERF magazines usually comes with how quick the spring inside the magazine wears out. When this happens and you fire a dart, the next dart down might only come into the chamber half-way, causing a jam, or might not even be pushed up at all.

The issues with the front loaders mainly falls into the revolving style of the blasters. When working the pump action the cylinder will often not revolve fully which can get a dart stuck in the mechanism causing the next pump to not revolve the cylinder at all.

I could go on and on with the issues that I've seen/had BUT! here's something for your holster and sling needs:

Hope this helps!
Interesting about the jamming issue with clips.    Do people find that the jamming occurs more frequently with OEM clips/darts than Nerf brand?

I did a bit of research on Fearless Fire (I like how it looks because it looks a little more future/cyber) but most of the toy review sites had not a few people unhappy that the drum style seems to encounter a lot of jam issues.

Jamming when you're with a lot of people might not be so bad but by yourself or with a small group, it could get weird.   I play a RAID scientist, we tend to carry thoughts instead of guns so something a little more reliable to help with the burden that RR and Military bears when guarding us or responding to lab attacks is kind of what I'm after.
Jinx Lindauer, RAID

The world, somebody wrote, is the place we prove real by dying in it. - Salman Rushdie
I agree with Ian on everything he said: I prefer the Alpha as well, and the only reason I would run a Raider is because I *much* prefer the front grip on the Raider.

The secret to avoiding most jams on clips is to pace your fire, rather than slam-firing as fast as you can. Having said that, the issue is with the weak springs in the clips, as Ian said. Easy solution to that is to simply spend the $10 and buy a brand new 18 rounder. As Science geek, you should be the LAST line of your defense, while Red River should be the first. Thus, if you have to fire more than 18 darts, you're in bigger trouble than your gun can get you out of.

New clip, 18 fresh darts, and meter your firing speed.
This might be a good resource for accessories for nerf blasters

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