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Game 3 Logistics
Woah! It's getting close to that time again, contractors! The game is coming!

Some very important notes about logistics this time around:

  1. There is now a place for you to UPLOAD A PHOTO to your character page.
    • We will be printing new badges this game (way better than the last set --> they'll be laminated and everything!), and want your photo on them.
    • To get these badges pre-printed when you check in at logistics, please upload an in-character photo by NOON ON WEDNESDAY APRIL 20TH.
    • If you don't have a photo, or your photo isn't really good quality, you are welcome to take photos in line at logistics at event, and we'll print your badge for you at logistics. (Hint: if you plan on doing this, come to logistics in your garb)
    • If you arrive late and/or don't want to gear up for logistics, expect someone IG to come harass you about getting a badge made and printed Friday night or Saturday morning.
  2. Logistics will be held from 5(ish) PM until 10(ish) on Friday. If you plan on arriving right around or after this time, please email ASAP to let us know.
  3. Please check the pre-pay list to ensure you've pre-paid for the game. If you haven't, you will be asked to pay cash on site.
  4. If you haven't already pre-reg'd for the event, please do so soon. I'll post a pre-reg'd list up in the next day or so and update it as the event gets closer. There are old walkthroughs available here for how to do this, I plan on updating them in the next day or so to make them prettier. I'll bump them when I do.

That's it! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email or post something on the boards, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Also, thanks for your patience as I chug through my inbox. Wink I'm working on clearing it out tonight and tomorrow. If you don't have a reply from me by 9 PM Wednesday, please email again.

Head of Logistics Department

As of a conversation I had with plot today, logistics will now be closing at 10 PM ON FRIDAY, not at 11 PM. I have received word from one person that they will need some special considerations with regards to this time. If you arrive after logistics as closed, please proceed to the UEF camp and someone will be able to help you there.

I did not get nearly as much done today as I had hoped. I will be finishing up logistics emails tomorrow during the day and into the evening. Sorry. Got caught up being a Technomancer and Hive member instead. Sorry! Smile
Head of Logistics Department
If you do arrive late and have to go to UEF camp, please be patient with us. This is a busy event for plot and NPCs and it may take some time to locate a logistics person to check you in.
One more update! The following notes from the last event's logistics still hold true. A refresher seemed like a good idea. Please keep them in mind as you plan out the next week and your visit to Logistics on Friday:

  1. Please follow the directions in the new registration walkthrough and register for the event. by WEDNESDAY AT NOON. If you register by Wednesday at noon, you will receive the following benefits:
    • A pre-printed ID tag with your character's name and player information at logistics (if you provided a photo)
    • Access to the fastest of the logistics lines
    • Saving of time and energy dealing with logistics
    • Sanity from the logistics team
  2. People who do not pre-register using the above system will likely be asked to leave the line, go pre-register at their bunk using the wifi there, and then return to logistics at the back of the line. Sorry, but this is the most effective way for us to manage the INCREDIBLE number of people who will be attending the event.

  3. There will be a series of lines at the logistics area this event, and you don't need to visit all of them. Please look for signs and follow them in the proper order. Here's a general walkthrough of what you should expect from logistics:
    • As soon as you step into the mess hall, if you did not fill in a LEGAL RELEASE at the last game (you can check that on the Character Manager at if a warning pops up at the top of the page saying you need a legal release, you will need to fill out a legal release), grab a legal release from the legal release pile and FILL IT OUT. You will turn it into logistics when you get there.
    • First, if you have any sort of weapon or gadget, please report to the weapon checkers to have your weapon safety checked. They will be tagged with a zip tie of a specific colour to show they have passed muster. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE ALL OTHER LOGISTICS PROCEDURES.
    • Once weapons and gadgets are checked for safety, proceed to one of the three logistics lines, based on the following criteria:
      • If you preregistered BEFORE Thursday, have NO TAGS to print, and no questions to ask, go to station 1
      • If you have preregistered, but either have tags to print or preregistered on Thursday or Friday, go to station 2 (probably Lizzy)
      • If you have anything bizarre to deal with, strange questions to ask, hive points to deal with, etc, come to me (Barbara) who will be station 3. I will alternately be manning station 2, so just start a line and I'll come over if I'm not there already.
      • There is likely to be a badge printing station where you can deal with that excitement. That will be a slower process because printers. Feel free to do that either before or after your trip through logistics.
  4. If you need help with managing credit transfers or any of that sort of thing, please go to the ATM which will be set up in the mess hall BEFORE coming to logistics. We will try to ensure that area is manned like last time.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email and we'll hit you back ASAP. Most questions can also be answered at game as well. Smile
Head of Logistics Department

I have an army of equipment I'll be purchasing for several people I wont know what I need to get them till the day of. How would you like me to handle registration with my merchant load?

-Kyle, Kyle, the problem child Smile

Same as always. Preregistering is ideal so we have a count of people and can add your prepayment in. Once you're done with adding items to your merchant purchasing, come through the line and we'll print your gear. Just remember you can only come through once. Smile
Head of Logistics Department
(04-13-2016, 06:36 PM)Barbara Martin Wrote: People who do not pre-register using the above system will likely be asked to leave the line, go pre-register at their bunk using the wifi there, and then return to logistics at the back of the line. Sorry, but this is the most effective way for us to manage the INCREDIBLE number of people who will be attending the event.

Correction: We will not be providing additional WiFi to CG cabins this time.  It will have to either be from one of our wifi-enabled buildings or through your phone's Internet.

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