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Game 3 Prereg List
Aaron S *
Adriana L *
Aislyn H
Alex B
Alyssa L (NPC)
Andrew B *
Anna S
Barbara M (NPC)
Ben B
Ben T
Bonnie C
Braden D (NPC) *
Brandon S
Brennan T
Brian J (NPC)
Bryan O
Cass J (NPC)
Cassie M
Charlie D
Christopher P
Cody H
Cody M
Conor D (NPC)
Craig W
Daniel S (NPC)
Danny D
Dante A
Deanne N
Denise B
Dylan N
Eric E
Eric K
Geneva T *
Gryffin K
Hallie E
Ian C
Ina P *
Jameson K
Jessica S (NPC)
Jimmy H (NPC) *
Joey P
John F
Jordan M *
Jordan V (NPC) *
Keegan G *
Kirsten O (NPC)
Kristofer S
Kyra Bet.
Kyra Bru.
Little C? (I need a real person name please)
Lizzy M
Luc vD
Luke D
Marc (NPC)
Margaret R
Mark O
Mathew V
Michael RS
Mike Lo.
Nate B
Nathan H
Paul C *
Paul G
Phillip P
Pierre K (NPC)
Queenie T
Rachel F
Raissa D (NPC)
Ranterproductions (I need a real person name please)
Rhiannon N
Ron L (NPC)
Russ S *
Sam A
Scott N
Sean Y *
Skyler S
Soriyah SH
Stephen J
Steven W
Sulayman D
Susanna L *
Tabitha K
Virginia O'C
Warren S
Wayne H
William M
Zachary D
Zachary H

* Indicates that you have not completed the necessary pieces on the main player page. All of the blanks on the main player page must be completely filled out (except logistics notes) and the form must be saved in order for you to check in at game. Save yourself some time and do it now! Smile

If you are not on this list and are planning on coming to game, please follow the walkthrough to register your character as soon as possible.
Head of Logistics Department

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