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Game 3 Photos

As some of you may have noticed, we have now got the ability to upload photos to character pages!

We will be using these photos to create custom badges for you (way nicer than the ones we had at the last game!) with your pictures on them and everything! I have some examples posted at the bottom of the page.

In order to ensure a bit of uniformity and all for the photos, here are some guidelines when uploading a photo for your character:
  • Photos should be only of YOUR CHARACTER. Please no photos of yourself dressed up as a different character, dressed up as a velociraptor for Halloween, etc.
  • Photos should be of YOU. No celebrity stunt doubles, cats, photos of bacon, etc.
  • Photos should have you VISIBLE in them. Photos of the darkness will be greeted with magic missiles. Wink
  • Photos should be of your head and neck with no contributions from others. Please no full-body shots, no photos of you as a tiny speck off in the distance with great expanses of wilderness running, and no inappropriate body parts and/or props.
  • Basically, these are photos that would have been taken by or approved by UEF officials. If you couldn't have gotten the photo past the DMV, or at least your high school yearbook's editing staff, please don't upload it.

Logistics will be printing badges either at check in or during game on Friday night/Saturday morning. Badges will be completely replacing your UEF official contracts and will be how the UEF knows you are an authorized agent. We will be reviewing all photos and will be correcting inappropriate photos. Please have mercy on our staff and help us out by following the guidelines.

Some notes about Friday Logistics:
  • We will have a separate station dedicated to badges on Friday at logistics for all of your badge-printing and photography needs!
  • If you have an appropriate photo uploaded to your account by WEDNESDAY AT NOON, your badge will be PRE-PRINTED for Friday. You'll need to go to the badge-printing station, sign your badge, and have it laminated. You'll even get a priority line!! No long delays! Joy!
  • If you come to logistics in your gear on Friday and don't have an appropriate photo uploaded, we will direct you to the badge-printing station to get your photo taken and badge printed. Yay!
  • If you do not come to logistics in your gear on Friday, we will have to track you down at some point during game on Friday night or Saturday morning. This isn't really a ton of fun to do for 60+ people for our staff, so the more you can help us out here, the more we shall eternally adore you. Smile

Moral of the story: upload a photo by WEDNESDAY and get a fancy badge through the SHORT LINE! Yay!

And now, photos of some badges, and Lana the Logistics Cat:
[Image: 13002534_10101671357024180_2805833901272591676_o.jpg]
[Image: 12970799_10101671357029170_6949493313072912487_o.jpg]
[Image: 13029719_10101671357044140_3735281491408394072_o.jpg]
[Image: 13063368_10101671357238750_4586124320118097075_o.jpg]
Head of Logistics Department
If you have in concerns, Spite will not be using these photos for promotional materials and they will not be made publicly available. If we ever want to use one for anything other than these badges we'll ask first.
As a brief note, the QR code on the front is how the UEF knows its a legitimate badge, and defacing it will prevent that badge from being recognized as such. The QR code on the back, on the other hand, goes to your personal credit account, and defacing that would only prevent you from being able to show someone so they could pay you.
Less than 24 hours before you need to get your photos posted in order to have your badge PREPRINTED!!! Ooooh!
Head of Logistics Department

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