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GCNN Newscast April 20th, 2046
An excerpt from the Global Contractor News Network (GCNN) Report 4/20/2046:

" many pray for the lives lost in the Oklahoma Muskagee Massacre.

In northern Washington, the closure of the Camp Kirby UEF facility was a major blow to efforts in the Vancouver Hive Zone. The UEF assured the world that they are not giving up on Washington state and announced their intent to establish a new UEF Operations Base out of Sunset Lake Camp near the Wilkeson Refugee Center. Operation Bronze Comet invites Washington Contractors to set up this much needed base camp for Hive Zone operations.

Details regarding a Military operation to combat Dromanae air forces headed to Joint Base Lewis-McCord were released at a press conference on Tuesday. This airstrike, titled Operation Fly Swatter, was ordered in early April in response to warnings from many intuitive Psychics stationed on the base as well as sightings of multiple Dromanae airships on trajectory to Lewis-McCord. The battle, which took place near the Wilkeson Refugee Center, claimed the lives of only seven US Air-force pilots and has been considered an overall success. However, the Dromanae have increased their ground presence in the area causing continued problems for the local refugees. Military ground forces have been sent in to try and help clean up the remaining forces, but have not been able to eradicate the threat and continue to encounter wreckage from the earlier air battle that requires careful scientific analysis. The UEF has stated that the increase in Dromanae ground forces and research opportunities has only elevated the importance of Operation Bronze Comet which is set to open Sunset Lake Camp on April 22nd.

Farther south, Mexico City reports a notable increase in population as refugees flee the expanding Hive in Brazil. The locals expressed concern regarding the influx and the effects it may have on food and..."

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