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Cyborg Claws vs. Melee Weapon
What currently makes cyborg claws different form Melee 2? They both seem to require latex weapons (Though the claws require something very specific.) I'm not certain what is required to create cyborg claws. Whatever real life skill is required to develop them is not something I have.

Becoming a cyborg already has a significant costuming requirement, and now specific, specialized claw latex weapons are required. Why did this change?

Since Drom claws are officially just black covered boffers, why not let cyborg claws be white or grey boffers? They will still stand out as different, and will look less bizarre than claws hanging on someone's belt or back.
Cyborg claws can't be stolen or sundered, which is a significant advantage over melee 2. They also only require one point, rather than two, to get.
I just posted about cyber-claws in the Rules Question forum
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Cyborg claws also cannot be upgraded to be up to 4 feet long
Cyborg claws do not grant access to the Brutality tree
Cyborg claws already have a makeup requirement that Melee does not.

It may be true that they are 1 xp for what would be 2xp in another tree, unsunderable, and unstealable.
But cyborg claws have their own significant drawbacks already without having a much more difficult prop requirement than just getting a foam baseball bat.
Right, those are all ways that make cyborg claws different from melee 2 weapons, which I thought was the first part of your question?
Ah, yes, I suppose it was.
I'm just very surprised by the change in weapon representation for cyborgs, and I wasn't very articulate. My current stance is that these significantly increased requirements for phys rep make cyborg hands undesirable, when compared to melee, when they already have several balance factors built into them.
Anyone can play a human with a sword, cyborgs are meant to have a certain aesthetic which requires a bit more commitment to costuming. Plus nothing says your cyborg must have claws. The rule was changed to match that and greatly differentiate from Drom claws in the dark.

As for finding claws: There are plenty of local merchants who do custom latex weapons that are fantastic and priced equivalently to a nice mass-produced latex weapon. Also strapping some short swords under your arms would be a nice fix.

It wasn't the intention that you can't use brutality with claws, I will update the notes.
Oh, I thought it was intentional.

So with Cyborg claws then, if we are strapping swords to our arms... do they have to be fought with that way? Are they allowed to be moved into the hand to fight with?
Find a nice balance between safety, functionality, and aesthetic.
Personally, I would make some arm sheaths to hold my claws. I'd attach a small cord to the handle of the sword, that attached to a bracer. Make the rig look futuristic and move on with my day. Hmm... I may just do that. =)

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