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Dog Tags
I'm looking for some cheap dog tags (roughly about 12) all with different names on them. The places I've looked at online sell them for around 7 bucks each tag. Anybody know of any more cost-effective routes I can find? 

necessary requirements:
-name customization
-one other line for customization

preferred qualities:
-stamped/embossed tags

Thanks for reading, and I'm open to any other suggestions!
Hi Chris,

$7 sounds about right. Most of the lots I've ordered included 2 plain dog tags, 2 chains (longer and shorter), and 2 silencers. Usually there are 15 characters per line, 5 lines per tag.

Give a look and see if you can find something that suits you! I've used a couple sellers for the dog tags I've gotten for WarSal and have been pleased by them.

Hope this helps!
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