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One second minimum for melee?
Hi! This last game I was told at plot camp (don't recall by who) that when making melee hits you are required to wait at least one second between hits, or that after one second you could strike the same area again. 

However, the rulebook only says that "You must bring your elbow back to a 45 degree angle before each swing and vary where you strike on the body." Ranged weapons do have that 1 second between hits requirement, so was this just a mix-up (and the rules in the rulebook are correct) or is this a new rule? Thanks!
Hi there, while I'm just a lowly community greeter, from what I understand, if you are swinging your weapon back 45 degrees, it should be taking you one second between swings. If you are being told longer it'sllikely to maintain the realism that it's going to take you a second between sword swings to swing in a way that will actually do sufficient damage to an enemy.

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Depending on the weapon and the person wielding it, it's entirely possible to make 5 solid hits with 45 degree pull-back and varying the striking location in 2-3 seconds--this being entirely OK by the rulebook as it stands. If staff wants players to be pulling back one second between swings, they should communicate that in a way that will reach the player base (say, the rulebook, or an announcement at game) rather than telling them haphazardly at plot camp.

The one hit per second is from other area games and may have been explained poorly. The rule book is correct. "You must bring your elbow back to a 45 degree angle before each swing and vary where you strike on the body." What we want to avoid is drumrolling or machinegunning (basically hitting so fast it's hard to count damage). A good guideline is 1-2 hits per second when you do a full 45 arc. You'll find in a proper 45 "chop" it's hard to get more than 3 in a second without relying on wrist rolling.

Ranged is a different matter, as full auto weapons can pepper a person with 10+ rounds in a second, making it impossible to track (it was a major pain point in initial play-tests) hence the rule.

I hope that clears it up. =)
Thank you, that's very clear!

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