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Eye wear policy
New Protective Eye Wear Policy:

SPITE does not currently require mandatory eye protection however, we strongly encourage all of our players to wear some kind of eye protection whenever possible. To that end, we would like to offer a bonus for anyone who wears eye protection during game.

-Wearing eye protection will give you a +1 EN boost to your max EN pool.
-This +1 bonus is full only the first time you put on eye protection in the event and it is the first point you use when consuming EN.
-Once consumed, the +1 continues to count towards your max total EN pool while wearing protection.
-This point may be refilled by normal means (ie counselling, nurse, energy transference, etc). It cannot be refilled by removing and replacing the protection.
-Qualifying eye protection includes: glasses, goggles and face shields which cover both eyes. These must be made of hard plastic, glass or mesh which will not bend under the force of a direct shot with a foam dart/disc. Eye patches which only cover one eye do not count for the bonus.
-Only one form of eye protection counts for the bonus and cannot be stacked with any other forms of eye protection. (You can’t wear 16 pairs of glasses to get a +16 bonus)

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