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Bugs: incorrect character manager information
There are some discrepancies between the 2016 rulebook and the character manager information on trees. This was all tested on
  • Finesse: requires Firearms 1 and specifies Blaster as the delivery method. The rulebook has no prerequisite and has a more generic Ranged delivery method.
  • Medic: rank 1 is missing the "What is your current HP?" call.
  • Science: rank 2 has "incapacitated" instead of "bleeding out". Also in the rulebook.
  • Shield: rank 3 has "shatter" instead of "sunder". Also in the rulebook.
  • Surgeon: rank 2 is listed as 12 rather than 8 en.
  • Cybernetic arm: rank 3 is called "disorienting blow" rather than "weaken the spirit".
  • Weapon jack: rank 1 is listed as 1 rather than 2 en.
  • Energy transference: rank 3 listed as packet or touch delivery, rather than just packet delivery.
  • Intuition: rank 2 is missing the "willing or immobilized target" requirement.
  • Psychokinesis: rank 3 has a slightly differently worded Obey command, compared to the rulebook.
Most of these are cosmetic, but I know at least the Medic one came up at game, and the energy cost typos can really mess someone up if they refresh their memories by looking just at their character sheet.
Hey, any word on this?
Thanks for bringing this back up. I've asked the team to take a look at the discrepancies and make corrections.
It looks like these typos are still in the character manager. Any word on fixing it?

(Merchant also lists a 30% rather than 40% discount.)
Finesse: Awaiting response to
Medic: Added
Merchant: Updated
Science: Updated on web
Shield: Updated on web
Surgeon: Updated
Cybernetic arm: Updated
Weapon jack: Updated
Energy transference: Updated
Intuition: Added
Psychokinesis: Updated

Non-functional errors aren't eligible for the bug bounty, but I did award 2 HP for the copy editing.
Finesse: Added Thrown 1 as a possible prerequisite to Finesse and added thrown to the list of deliveries for all contained abilities.

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