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My assumption is that people will be allowed to use their cell phones for non-cellphone use. i.e. if you want to have an in-game document for taking notes, that's kosher.

What if you want to take pictures in-game on one? What about video? What about non-cellphone-based cameras, i.e. are GoPros and guncams allowed? What if the GoPros livefeed streaming video to another team member? If you're feeding video via the site wifi, can Hackers attempt to block or subvert the transmission? What if it's being transmitted by Bluetooth, rather than wifi - can that BT signal be interacted with, and if so, what skills are necessary?
I am fine for cell phones being used to take picture or cameras being used. No skill needed for cameras, however, I am going to say no on the livestreaming to teammates thing for the time being. I want to focus on the proof of concept of the core game before getting too wacky.
What about a wired feed? i.e. can I set up a camera in one location and run cable to a monitor 200+ feet away?

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