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NOTICE: Three new policies effective immediately
Announcing three brand new policies, you'll all need to be aware of as these literally affect EVERYONE. Please tell your friends, so there are no surprises at event.

To address a number of rules and safety concerns (that have been raised over several events) we are instituting a Mandatory Combat Training policy for all participants. Each player must complete a short combat training with a staff member before being allowed to participate in games of Spite.
You will not be able to register at the game until you’ve completed combat training. We will do our best to host training sessions at a local park before game, to help alleviate the number of people who will need training at game. If you cannot make a training session between games, you can do it at the event but should arrive a few hours early to account for this.
During your training session you will learn and demonstrate the basics of Spite combat and we will assist in calibrating anything that needs adjustment.
Note: We will do at least two before the next game on weekends. The first will be March 11th. We will give a hive point to anyone who takes care of their combat training BEFORE the day of game.

Code White is an OOG code that you can callout over the radio, on the primary channel, to alert staff that there’s been a medical or some other kind of emergency that needs immediate attention. A code white should be reserved for instances where EMTs, police, or firefighters should be called. A code white should never be used for minor injuries, bumps, bruises, sprains, to voice a rules complaint, etc. If you’re injured and can make it to UEF camp without further injuring yourself, we recommend that first.
Once a code white is called, staff will answer the call and instruct the person on radio to go to a private channel. Please clear the main radio channel until this occurs.

All mounted lights must be equipped with a red filter to avoid damaging the night vision of other players and to help avoid injury. All players must actively avoid shining a light (even one with a red filter) in the eyes of another person. If you are asked to lower your light either in or out of game, you must do so.

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