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RAID Radio Channel?
Does RAID capture it's own radio channel (as so many CGs do), does it share one with RedRiver, or simply use the common channel and hope for the best? If it uses a dedicated channel, which frequency?

This is a question that may be better asked in on the private genacorp forums.
While it may seem like a private issue, literally anyone with Comms 2 or higher could simply scan the channels to find out, and anyone with Comms 1 or lower couldn't access it anyway.
You are correct per all existing mechanics.
However, I am not going to answer this question in a public forum.
OK, would you please PM me the information? Assuming I can make game (which I won't know until 2 days before), I'd like to pre-set my radio.

I'm not sure that the group uses a consistent sub radio channel every game. I would recommend setting your radio with the pre-sets that are listed in the core book (page 23). You probably only need to program for channel 1-10.
Will do. Thanks Kirsten. The reason I asked is that I had intended to program the RAID channel as the top channel, thus making it easier to access: Spin the dial all the way to one end, and I'm there, while the other end is the common channel. I don't have Comms, so no other channels would be available to me anyway.

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