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In talking with Matt, I left with kind of the impression that I would be allowed to use my airsoft claymore mine loaded with nerf balls. What skills does that require? Does using the mine's button trigger (rather than the trip line) require a different skill? Does that answer change if I strap it to my chest?

How much damage would it do? (5pts per ball, 5pts per release, etc.) What if I have two strapped to me and release them more or less simultaneously?
Wow... I am gonna let Matt handle this one.
Things that autonomously put foam into the air should be handled by the same skill that we're working on that will also handle drones. In theory, an explosive that threw a bunch of darts/foam balls/etc would be the same as a firearm that launched multiple darts at the same time. They're projectiles, so they do the same damage as a bullet, but like the "shotgun" style guns multiple hits will count damage once, so the advantage is the spread that a) makes it harder to dodge and b) is likely to hit more people.

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