Posted by Ron Leota on Jan 25, 2016

Accepted Blasters at Spite

Greetings Contractors,

Your friendly neighborhood Game Runner here to talk about approved Blasters at Spite.


  • What’s allowed: Stock NERF, Buzzbee, and Boomco dart and disk blasters.
    • NERF Mega system darts are currently approved for use.
    • Foam missile or “arrow” launchers will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • What’s not allowed: Blaster with any modifications that changes the stock firing system.
    • Boffer bows are not allowed.
      • This includes the NERF Rebelle bow and other similar items.
    • At this time, the NERF Rival series and similar high velocity ball shooters are not approved.
    • Airsoft weapons (duh)
  • How can I modify the blasters: We welcome cosmetic modification on weapons but ask you do not change any of the stock firing components to increase performance. Feel free to post on the forums with questions.

 -Ron Leota (Game Runner)