Posted by Ron Leota on May 5, 2016

Accommodations and Service Animals

Greetings Contractors!

Your friendly neighborhood Game Runner here. We’ve been getting questions about accommodations for handicaps and service animals at Spite. This blog post should cover most of what you need to know:


Does Spite allow for accommodations for its handicapped players?

Yes, we will make every effort to make reasonable accommodations for our players. As a person who suffers from not only a neurological disability but a physical one, I wanted to create an inclusive environment for as many people as I could. It’s why particularly triggering subject matter that is not needed to drive an alien apocalypse scenario has been disallowed.

This does come with some limitations. Just like I, as an epileptic, am not allowed to fly a plane, some people may be unable to participate due to the level of action and/or the adult themes being played out. For-instance, we do not have a “non-combatant” headband (like some games) because of the high intensity of the game and the fact combat can start anywhere with over a hundred people involved making it extremely difficult to avoid a single player getting swept up in the action.


Can you give an example of the kinds of accommodations have you made?

Absolutely! We have offered to bring people with concerns about particular scenes, effects, etc. in for patrols during that time. We have allowed for people to sleep off-site to help with sleep conditions and anxiety. We have offered to have people NPC, where we can put them out as mostly role-playing roles, to avoid the bulk of combat.


Can I bring my service animal to Spite?
Short answer: No

Long answer: This is multi-faceted and difficult to fully elaborate on without getting into our insurance contracts and agreements with the site. Essentially, it is not safe for your animal or our players to have the animal onsite during the game. We want to think about the safety of your beloved companion animal and Spite is an overwhelming and sometimes very real experience for even humans to endure.


Don’t some other LARPs allow service dogs?
Yes. That is between them and the site they use. Spite is a fast-paced game with high levels of simulated violence and chaos. This has been agreed upon by Staff and by the site that it is not a safe environment, either for the animals themselves or the players around them.

But wait . . .
Still have more questions? Please contact our community administrator at and they’ll be happy to talk them over with you. I am also open to talking with you as well,, if you have concerns. We want to make sure this sensitive topic gets handled to everyone’s satisfaction.


-Ron Leota