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Accepted Blasters at Spite

Greetings Contractors, Your friendly neighborhood Game Runner here to talk about approved Blasters at Spite. What’s allowed: Stock NERF, Buzzbee, and Boomco dart and disk blasters. NERF Mega system darts are currently approved for use. Foam missile or “arrow” launchers will be approved on a case by case basis. What’s not allowed: Blaster with any modifications that changes the stock firing system. Boffer bows are not allowed. This includes the NERF Rebelle bow and other similar items. At this time, the NERF Rival series and similar high velocity ball shooters are not approved. Airsoft weapons (duh) How can I modify the blasters: We welcome cosmetic modification on weapons but ask you do not change any of the stock firing components to increase performance. Feel free to post on the forums with questions.  -Ron Leota (Game...
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