Posted by Ron Leota on Mar 26, 2016

Changing SICs

Changing SIC’s?

Is your human character looking to “upgrade”? Here is what you need to know to changing your Species Identity Classification or SIC.

First, you can only be one SIC, and you can only change from Human to either Psychic, Cyborg, or Exim; once there you cannot go back to human nor can you become another SIC (in game, the body and mind cannot take the intense trauma of more than once change). Androids can never change their SIC (no Blue Fairies in SPITE).

Next, changing SIC can only be done between games, while you can express your desire to become something new, and perhaps to seek out the in game resources to do so, the actual change will happen when you email Logistics ( and they make the change in the Character Manager.

Finally, hoping for some more drama in regards to your transformation? This is where downtime actions come in. Email the plot team about your intentions, spend the 3 Hive Points and learn all about what it took to become the newer (hopefully better) you.

Written by: Cass J, HftF & Refugee head of plot