Posted by Ron Leota on Jul 21, 2016

Changing Your CG

Greetings contractors,

We’ve gotten a number of requests for information on how to change your Contracting Group. The following article should answer all your inquiries. If you find yourself still having questions after reading the article, please contact our community admin at:

The quickest, easiest, and least costly way to change CGs is to make a new character. If you go this route, we ask you make an entirely new character and not “Old Character v. 2.0”.

If you’d like to transfer an existing character to a new CG, that is a bit trickier and is handled on a case by case basis. Certain CGs may be harder to leave/join than others. Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare for the process:

  • You will need an IG reason to switch, developed from role-play and happenings at events.
  • You cannot simply change CGs via downtime or between events.
  • You will need to work it out IG, at an event. This will most likely involve:
    • Getting the permission of your current CG head.
    • Getting the permission of the new CG head and most likely, the existing members of the CG. If you play a character that has crossed a particular CG, odds are they won’t want you.
    • Making some kind of deal to transfer your contract, which will have some IG cost associated with it. This cost could be tasks, gear, credits, blackmail, etc. Contracts aren’t cheap and your new CG is essentially buying your contract out.


Can’t I just wait until my contract expires to move to a new group?

Yes, but contract duration are 5 years from your first game and you will still need to acquire permission from your new CG through IG interaction.

Can I have a shorter contract?


What if I just decide to break my contract or refuse to work with my CG?

While we can’t stop you from doing that, there are severe IG consequences for these kinds of things. For instance, if you break your contract, no CG is allowed to hire you during the duration of your contract, due to a non-compete clause. You may also find your character shipped out of the quarantine zone, effectively making them unplayable.

What if OOG factors are causing conflict for me?

We fully empathize that OOG situations can make playing with certain individuals/groups difficult. If you feel someone is breaking a policy or harassing you, please contact and so we can investigate the matter. If no policies are being broken, we recommend making a new character and moving on to a new group, to speed up the process. Unfortunately, we can’t get involved in disputes outside of Spite but will uphold any laws (like restraining orders, etc).