Posted by Ron Leota on Sep 1, 2017

Corpses In the Quarantine Zone

When a character dies the player may rep the corpse for as long as they like. As soon as the player no longer wishes to rep their corpse, the player goes out of game and must immediately leave the area.

For the purposes of IG explanation, the character’s body “turns to goo” by dissolving into an oily black substance and is no longer accessible in any fashion. This occurs due to the chemicals that cause rapid decomposition being released from the hives.

If you wish to rep collecting the “goo” you will need to provide your own rep and pantomime collecting this substance. No data can be gathered from the “goo” beyond that organic matter was once present. Scientists have concluded that there is nothing more that can be gathered from decomposed Dromanae, so it might be a waste of time and resources to pursue that endeavor.

We encourage players to be good sports and rep their bodies for a reasonable amount of time, particularly if under investigation. Allow people time to take IG photos and interact with the scene before wandering off. We also ask PCs to be understanding that NPCs will be needed for other roles, so they won’t always be able to rep a body for long periods of time.