You will find below all the currently published public files for Spite. We ask that you only download and read files that pertain to your character(s), as some information is SIC or CG specific and while reading them won’t spoil the game for you, it can diminish some of the mystery.


Spite: A Science-Fiction LARP Core Book

  • This is the book you will need to familiarize yourself with to play Spite. We recommend you read over the basic rules and the setting section before playing.


Spite: Year II Source Book

  • This is an optional companion to the rule book that contains all the story information to get you caught up with Earth 2046 (year II of the Spite game). Here you will find a site layout map, new campaign information, CG specific information, and news from around the world.


United Earth Force Handbook

  • General information from and about the UEF, the organization that all PCs contract through and who is in charge of the fight against the alien menace.


UEF Laws and Arbitration in Hive and Quarantine Zones

  • The laws of the land in Quarantine and Hive zones.



Special media files released in the game world that are publicly available to all contractors.

  • The Signal – a strange signal that has been interfering with AM, FM, and HAM radio across the globe.
  • The Destruction of São Paulo – the news announcement of a potential non-drom extraterrestrial vessel destroying the city and the hive at the end of game four.
  • Resistance Radio – a collection of all the morning shows from each game.


Contracting Group (CG) Handbooks:


Species Identity Classification (SIC) Handbooks: