Game World

Life in 2045 isn’t too dissimilar from life in 2015. When the Dromanae came, technological focus shifted to applications of war. Entertainment and other distractions took a backseat to the survival of humanity. While medical science, artificial intelligence, and weapon tech have boomed in the last 30 years, laptops and other mundane devices are not much better than those found today.


Daily life and fashion haven’t changed much, either, for people outside of the conflict. New trends are always appearing but the fundamentals remain the same. People still watch TV, surf the web, play games on their tablets, buy mochas from Suncash (a subsidiary of Genecorp), and pay far too much attention to their smart phones.

Most vehicles in 2045 are electric. When the dromanae came, many of these vehicles stopped functioning due to EMPs released from the hive zones, explaining the rarity of functioning vehicles, especially in areas where the Dromanae are present.