Contracting Group


Everyone working within a quarantine zone is technically under the command of the UEF. Even military personnel from around the world fall into this category. Those working for the UEF must be sponsored by a contracting group to lawfully operate within a quarantine zone. The UEF provides a network of information, staffs key command personnel, and funds various groups to carry out research projects on the Dromanae. All personnel operating as contractors with the UEF must defer to their command or risk expulsion or arrest.

Gaining sponsorship from for some groups is as easy as signing up, while others are a bit more involved. Each character will choose a CG at character creation, but their loyalties may change with time. It is important to always have a CG. Those found operating as a contractor illegally within the quarantine zones are arrested and promptly removed.


While all characters must belong to a CG, your involvement can be limited, allowing you to pursue your own goals. With a little creativity you can create your own sub-groups within a CG, though you will still report to your CG’s leaders. On a rare occasion, when a character has acted against or harmed their CG, they may have their contract pulled, forcing them to find a new sponsor quickly or leave the area. If you wish to play a deeply involved member of your faction please join our forums and talk to us.

There are no “independant contractors” in Spite. The game was purposefully designed in such a way to promote an allied faction mentality among the characters. CGs may find themselves at odds with other groups but outright violence should be very rare. If you feel as though you cannot fit your character concept within one of the CGs, please contact us and we can help you.

Note: No player character may have the UEF as their CG.