Hands for the Future


The Hands for the Future is a non-profit organization that provides aid to the minds, bodies, and spirits of those working in the quarantine and hive zone. This multi-faith volunteer organization is populated by some of the more selfless members of humanity. Hands for the Future has three branches of support: medical, psychological, and spiritual.

The medical branch of Hands for the Future is a group of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other various medical staff that provide the lion’s share of the medical support. These medical personnel do their best to keep brave warriors in the fight. Hands for the Future sets up medical neutral facilities in all the UEF base camps. This approach has kept the dispensing of medical help fair.

Hands Doctors

The psychological branch of Hands for the Future studies and treats the frequent cases of PTSD caused by fighting the Dromanae. They also diagnose and treat any other psychological afflictions that may occur. Hands for the Future psychologists are used by the UEF to recommend discharges for anyone too mentally damaged by the fight.

The spiritual branch of Hands for the Future is a multi-faith, multi-denominational team of religious leaders that provides prayer, support, and last rites to the soldiers. These priests, monks, nuns, pastors, rabbis, imams, etc. put their lives on the line to bring words of faith to the people.

Though it is only a rumor, some have become wary of the Hands for the Future, as the idealistic intent of the group is believed to attract those who are more concerned with making a political statement. Others believe the group has a hidden agenda and is working for one of Genacorps minor competitors. And more are concerned with civilians being in such a dangerous area; many feeling similarly to Commander Blackstone’s famous statement: “This is a war zone – we don’t have time to babysit a bunch of flower-children while they parade around feeling good about themselves!” Ironically, Commander Blackstone later shot himself in the head, something that probably could have been prevented had he taken the time to talk to a Hands for the Future counselor.

Agenda: Spread various religious messages and help the image of their benefactors.


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