Red River

Red River

The corporate giant known as Genacorp has its hands in many parts of the war effort. The most direct efforts come from the Research Action and Intelligence Development Project, or RAID Project, and Red River.

As the most prominent branch of Genacorp working with the UEF, the RAID Project’s goal is to support UEF and find new ways to combat the Dromanae. Most, if not all, Genacorp sponsored characters will be working within or alongside the RAID Project. The RAID Project’s scientists have been instrumental in reverse engineering Dromanae technology for the UEF and Genacorp.


Red River is a private security company that exclusively contracts with Genacorp. Their force is significant enough to rival the militaries of many smaller countries. Red River’s forces are spread out among the various Genacorp facilities. They cover every job from the friendly front office security guard to the hardcore field agents that defend members of the RAID Project.

Red River is the sword hand of Genacorp and has a reputation for being brutal in their approach. During the Iraq war, a number of their agents were brought up on charges that were later dropped under suspicious circumstances. They are the combatants; Red River agents serve as guards and on occasion soldiers at the disposal of the RAID Project. Those working in the quarantine and hive zones are some of the most skilled, ruthless, and well paid members of Red River.

Agenda: Collect information and technology for Genacorp while protecting its key employees.



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