The world’s military forces have a huge presence in Dromanae infested areas and have set aside all former conflicts in a joint tactical movement called “Operation Terminix”. Military personnel have been the primary force on the front lines against the Dromane and it is common for soldiers from across the globe to be found fighting alongside their domestic counterparts. In the US, defense around the Vancouver hive was tasked to the 1st Armored Division, as Earth Company platoons were deployed to the most active quarantine zones.


The military recruits individuals from all skill paths and SICs, and not all military roles are combat based though it is less common. The domestic military organization holds jurisdiction in its regions and all military personnel, both domestic and non­domestic soldiers, receive their orders from the headquarters of their region’s military. On occasion, the Military will receive missions from the UEF, which they usually carry out with priority.

Agenda: The Military want to defeat the Dromanae, complete their missions, and reestablish Military control of the region by any means necessary.


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