Wartime Salvage

Wartime Salvage is a company that salvages goods for the war effort within the hive and quarantine zones. Many homes and businesses were abandoned when the hive ships plummeted to earth, leaving behind lucrative looting opportunities. Once the UEF established holds within the hive zones and the Agency began policing things, much of the illegal salvage stopped.

When supplies started running low, the UEF was contacted by Wartime Salvage to provide aid for a price. Wartime Salvage earns 40% of the monetary value of anything salvaged and used by the UEF. While technically illegal, many salvagers keep goods that are useless to the UEF for themselves. Such crimes are rarely prosecuted due to the usefulness of the salvagers.


Wartime Salvage provides a number of support roles and are good at going unnoticed in warzones. Many underestimate the technical expertise needed to carry out some of the more elaborate jobs in the quarantine zone. Salvagers are helpful but seen as profiteers by many of the other CGs.

Agenda: Profit. Everything is about the almighty credit. No pay, no work.


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