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No one knows where the Dromanae come from. There are many theories, but few of them have any evidence beyond deduction. The Dromanae are a race of humanoid-insects attempting to colonize and terraform Earth. After the hive ships dropped from the portals the Dromanae rapidly expanded their newly crushed territory. The Dromanae are a warlike species that appear to eradicate their enemies as opposed to conquering them. Thus far they have been incommunicative and any interaction between Dromanae and humans have always ended violently.

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Dromanae are capable of non-verbal communication with each other. The most popular theory, by leading xenobiologist Dr. Hubert Chronos, suggests the Dromanae communicate psychically via a hive mind network. While some Dromanae appear to be completely part of the hive mind, others maintain a sense of individuality. Each hive seems to have its own hive network as it does not appear that the hives communicate with one another. It is theorized that each hive has a hyper intelligent leader, influencing the hive mind. While a “queen” has never been captured, there have been reports of massive Dromanae deep within the hearts of the hive ships.

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Dromanae come in many different varieties, it is speculated that there are far more types of the aliens than the ones we have seen and documented. The most common Dromanae are the workers and soldiers. The worker Dromanae are the most common and least dangerous of the species. They seem to lack a sense of individuality and act on commands from the hive mind. Worker Dromanae are extremely hardy and difficult to kill. They will always attempt to flee a confrontation and will only fight if cornered, lashing out with long claws. Dromanae soldiers are dangerous killing machines and are the second most numerous of the species. Although they display some mild individuality, they still seem heavily influenced by the hive mind. Their individual abilities vary but are known to include firearms, claws, natural armor, and occasionally even psychic powers.


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