Cyborgs are humans who have been enhanced by cybernetic implants and replacements. These implants take the form of cybernetic enhancements, medical replacements, robotic limbs, synthetic organs, etc. Even if the modifications are internal, cybernetics leave obvious ports, marks, and scars on the body.

Depending on the types of modifications and enhancements, cyborgs can be suited to many different jobs. A cyborg doctor may have cybernetic eyes to enhance vision and stabilizers to keep a perfectly steady hand; a cyborg soldier might have super strong arms or built in weaponry.

The cybernetic enhancement process is still in its infancy and comes with a number of complications. The procedure is often very painful and has a long recovery time. The cyborg conversion has been known to cause feelings of detachment from humanity and can result in a lot of phantom pains.

  • Requirements: At least two obvious cybernetic devices. More may be added later. Cyborg paths will have additional costuming requirements.
    • Examples: tubes coming out of the neck, cybernetic prosthesis over eye, cybernetic arm, etc. Cyborgs must look different than androids.

Benefit: Access to cyborg paths


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