The Eximius Project was created by the UEF to develop super-soldiers in the fight against the Dromanae. The eximius volunteers or “exims” are the newest addition to the human’s arsenal. Exims are hosts to genetically engineered microorganisms that radically improve the physicality of the host. The exim augmentation physically elevates the subject in almost every way, giving them an edge in combat.

Of all the augmentations, the exim process is the most taxing on the human body, particularly the brain. Immediately after conversion, the exim suffers constant insomnia. After three years, they begin to suffer long term and short term memory loss. After four years, they begin to suffer from full blown dementia. And after five years, the brain shuts down killing the subject. This is often referred to as “brain burn.”

All exims are marked with a tattoo of a five digit code on their left cheek. This code corresponds to when they were modified. The process also causes deep dark circles under the eyes from the insomnia, and occasionally, the process will destroy the pigment in the eyes.

Exims are only used for warfare. Other jobs are a waste of their potential. To make the exim program more appealing, the UEF offers huge life insurance policies to be paid out to the families after the exim is killed in action or is discharged due to severe mental incapacity.

  • Appearance: Dark circles under the eyes and an assigned serial number on the left cheek. Pigmentless contacts are optional but encouraged.

Benefit: Access to exim paths


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