Humans or homosapiens were the dominant species on Earth before the coming of the Dromanae. Humans are known for their incredible versatility and ability to adapt to their surroundings. Humans make up the lion’s share of the forces fighting the Dromanae and fill many positions in the war effort.

Some humans choose to undergo augmentation into living weapons, but these processes are viewed as dehumanizing and are quite dangerous. Once a human goes through the permanent conversion process to cyborg, psychic, or exim, their body cannot be changed again. Attempts to convert a person into multiple S.I.C.s have always proven deadly. The process is not only physically traumatic but also mentally.

A human who goes through the process to change their S.I.C. loses one of their chosen paths if they do not have one available, due to the trauma of the experience.

  • Appearance: No special requirements

Benefit: No required SIC paths at character creation.