Psychics are individuals that have undergone a grueling series of chemical treatments to unlock their psychic potential. Genacorp developed a process is called the “psychic conversion” that allows the subject to physically manifest their will. Through a series of trials and errors, different treatments have been developed to unlock specific psychic powers in converted subjects.

As a security measure, psychics are obviously tattooed with certain symbols to allow authorities to recognize their potential. The tattoos correspond to each of the paths, though the code is not publically known. Tattoos are uniformly placed on the back of the hands, on the forearms, and on the neck.

The channeling of psychic energy does take its toll on the human body. Psychics have half the natural life expectancy of an unaugmented human. It is also common among psychics to suffer delusions of grandeur. Some psychics are so confident in their own mind that they will refuse to learn weapon paths, instead, relying on raw force of will. Because of the physical toll, no psychic has ever been able to manifest more than 5 powers.

  • Appearance: Tattoos that correspond to their powers

Benefit: Access to psychic paths