United Earth Force


The Earth governments and corporations started working together in an all out war against the Dromanae menace. While many grudges were still harbored, war amongst humans was all but extinguished. The unifying threat of extinction sparked a call to fight. On August 1st, 2032, a summit was held in Geneva by the UN to establish a plan to fight the alien threat. The UN extended invitations to the world’s most powerful corporate and political entities to also attend. This became the framework for the United Earth Force or UEF.

The UEF was formally established on August 15th, 2032, as a world-wide task force to keep the various militaries and entities unified and organized against the Dromanae. Genacorp, QueryWen, and Microtech financially backed the endeavor and provided private security forces for the battle and science teams for investigation. This also drove the mega-corporations to change their focus to weapons development and defense.


Many national economies were collapsing due to the alien threat. Currencies plummeted in value and global economists feared the worst. In October of 2043, with backing from the UEF, Genecorp helped fund the creation of the Global Credit Center and the creation of a new universal digital currency, called “credits”. The credit system took off quickly and spread across the globe replacing most forms of physical currency. By 2045 all forms of physical currency were abolished, due to their use mainly being involved in illegal activities.

One avenue that Genacorp couldn’t break into was the UEF’s research into human enhancement. The UEF used their resources to create the Eximius Project, developing their own super soldiers for the fight, called “Exims.” On October 5th, 2044, the first squad of Exims were used in a search and rescue operation into the area around the Vancouver, B.C., Canada, hive with great success.

Patriotic Poster

Outside of the hive zones, Dromanae movements have forced areas to be quarantined. These new quarantine zones, while not as dangerous as the hive zones, hold many unique dangers. Criminals have taken to looting quarantine zones, and some groups have organized to attempt to seize control of certain quarantine zones from the UEF.

Everyone working within a quarantine zone is technically under the command of the UEF. Even military personnel from around the world fall into this category. Those working for the UEF must be sponsored by a contracting group to lawfully operate within a quarantine zone. The UEF provides a network of information, staffs key command personnel, and funds various groups to carry out research projects on the Dromanae. All personnel operating as contractors with the UEF must defer to their command or risk expulsion or arrest.

Recently Dromanae forces have been spreading from Vancouver, B.C., Canada into the northwestern United States. The capital of Washington state and surrounding areas have been evacuated and are now considered quarantine zones. UEF forces have been mobilized to set a base-camp in Western Washington to investigate the insurgence.


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