Northwest Role Playing Games is a organization of gamers in the Pacific Northwest United States. Organized in 2013 as a 501(c)7 non-profit, the goal of NWRPGs is to create a cooperative community for people who love games. We primarily focus on Live Action Role Playing games (LARPs) in any genre, style, or theme. To foster a growing community means that we must all take an active hand in keeping interactions between LARPers, games, genres, and styles positive and constructive.

Our affiliate LARPs work together to limit scheduling conflicts and share members, insurance, props, and advice. While scheduling conflicts with other events are sometimes unavoidable due to the shear number of games in the Pacific Northwest and restrictions on site availability, open communication helps our groups reduce overlap and ease tension that might otherwise arise.

NWRPGs sponsors NWLARPFest, an annual community event for LARPers to meet and gather out-of-character. NWLARPFest draws larpers from several states for LARP demonstrations, contests, crafting, demonstrations, panels, discussions, competitions, live music, buying and selling larp-centric wares and services, and a good time! Join us this summer at NWLARPFest!

Below you’ll find the NWRPGs calendar of events. Events in Red are NWRPGs affiliate events, while events in Yellow are other major events in the Pacific Northwest. Finally, events in Pink are gaming conventions. One of the primary purposes of this calendar is to help event organizers and players plan for the upcoming year. Because of this, regular (weekly and biweekly) events aren’t included, as they have predictable dates and are too frequent to realistically expect other games to schedule around. We would like to encourage you to check out some of these regular games in the area, many of which have been running for many years, as well as the weekend games and conventions on our calendar. If you have an event that you think should be included, email NWRPGs at nwrpgs@gmail.com.