Creating your Character


Spite characters are created and stored in the character manager. Using the guide below input your choices to be stored and updated at a later date.

  • Login to the character manager.
  • To create a new character click on the Create New Character button.
  • Enter your character name, SIC, and CG.
  • Upload a headshot of your character, if you have one. This is for our IG badge system. Pictures can be taken at site, though this could make check-in take longer for you.
  • Choose your paths.
  • Add any player notes by clicking Edit Notes.
  • And you’re done!

Please note: If your character concept goes against the grain of the canon of the world or you’d like to do something outside of the norm, please contact

You may visit the files page to acquire your CG and SIC specific handbook. Please do not read handbooks that don’t pertain to your character(s).

You may create a character at game, but we highly recommend you do not do this as it will greatly increase your check-in time and make our logistics team sad. Those who pre-registered their characters will have priority at check-in.



The first step to creating a character is coming up with a concept. This is the basic foundation for your character. A concept should be a single sentence that contains the character’s name, the two adjectives that best describe your character and a profession or archetype. The following are some sample character concepts:

  • Sgt. Kara Heinlein, the motivated and ruthless soldier.
  • Ashley Siembieda, the moral and righteous missionary.
  • Frank O’Bannon, the cunning and kind engineer.



If you haven’t already, take some time to read through the Species Identity Classification section of the book (on page 13). Once you are familiar with the choices, choose the SIC that best fits your character concept and/or is most appealing to you. Please make note of the bonus gained from your SIC. There are no restricted SICs.



Each player character must have a Contracting Group (CG). Choose a CG from the list on page 15. Your CG will help sculpt your character’s world view and place in the fight against the aliens menace.



All characters begin the game with 5 Experience Points, or XP. Players must spend these first XP by purchasing ranks of one or more paths for that character. A character may never have more than five paths. If you choose a SIC, other than human, at least one path must be dedicated to one of your special SIC paths. Each path has three ranks, with increasingly beneficial abilities.



Human characters start with 10 HP and 10 En. Choosing a different SIC or certain paths can affect these totals.



Each character starts with 2,000 credits to spend on tags at check-in. Any credits not spent on gear are kept in your personal account as starting money.