Our logistics team is here to help you get into game and on the books. They can be reached at logistics@spitelarp.com. Please find below, a guide on how to get through logistics efficiently when you get to site.


IF YOU’RE A PC, once you arrive on site you will need to do the following to get into the game:

1. Proceed to the check­in location to go through the check­in process.

2. Sign the legal release form and emergency contact info sheet, if you haven’t already.

3. Have any weapons that you plan on using checked by a staff member if you haven’t already. Any member of staff, regardless of their role, is able to check weapons and help you with rules issues.

4. Check­in with a logistics team member. If you have not already pay for the event and register your character. Please check online at spitelarp.com before coming to site to ensure that game hasn’t sold out in advance.

  • There will be a designated person at logistics doing weapons checks.
  •  You will be given a certain color ribbon or zip tie to attach to your weapon to show that it’s gone through check­in.
  • Carrying a weapon IG without a ribbon or zip tie is a safety infraction.
  • It’s highly encouraged to use the online character manager and prepay to save time at check­in. People in line who have preregistered through the online character manager and prepaid have priority at check­in.
  • There will be a quick check­in line for those who have preregistered, prepaid, and don’t need tags printed.
  • We like our planet and in order to save paper your character sheet will be available online at any time.

5. If you need to, spend/receive starting credits and get tags from logistics.

Once you are checked ­in, find a place to bunk. Certain cabins will be reserved for staff use. These buildings will be marked. Some buildings will be specific to your contracting group and you must belong to that group to stay there; these building will be marked. Bunks will be offered on a first come, first served basis. If you pay to play, you are guaranteed a bunk, so if your faction housing is full, try to find another spot. If you still cannot locate a bunk come to UEF camp and we’ll place you in one.


IF YOU’RE A NPC, once you arrive on site you will need to do the following to get into the game:

1. Head straight to UEF camp for orientation. If you arrive late or while set-up of Hive Camp is occurring, you may need to wait for orientation.

2. Fill out a legal release form and check with a plot member or the hive leader for assignment.