What is Spite?


Spite is the premier science-fiction live-action role-playing game in the Pacific Northwest. The game of Spite is set in a not too distant future version of our world where a malicious alien race, known as the Dromanae, has made first contact and started an ongoing war. The people of Earth have created new ways to combat the alien menace and reclaim planet but the outlook isn’t good. Will you join the fight and potentially help save the world?


Role-play focused game play, easy to learn rule set, immersive props and costuming, and a what you see is what you get philosophy allow for a 360 degree immersive environment while maintaining a low barrier of entry. Spite’s setting was specifically designed to allow players in most economic situations to participate by making costuming a basic character cheap and easy but allowing for creative exploration of the sci-fi genre.

Spite’s a not for profit club. Our all volunteer staff donates their time and resources for the love of the game. Spite was created by Ron Leota & Matt Oostman and went through many changes through the development process. Spite’s staff strives to provide a diverse and inclusive environment for all our players.


Spite uses a live boffer and foam blaster combat system. Combat in Spite is fast paced, action packed, and deadly for the characters (not the players). Physical contact is very limited, except for weapon strikes to promote safety. Static damage values, low numbers, and limited signature calls prevent combat from being  weighed down by too many rules.


Please check our forums or Facebook group for more information on game dates, locations, site info, pre-registration, and prepay. If you have any questions, feel free to email our community admin communityadmin@spitelarp.com.

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