Registration is a simple process that can be done through our Character Manager. Once you’ve created your character, login to the Character Manager.

  • Click on the “Register for Event” button.
  • Click the button next to the event you wish to register for.
  • Select to PC or NPC

PC Instructions:

  • After clicking to register as a PC, select your character from the drop down menu. If no character is available, then you need to create a character or contact for assistance.
  • If you haven’t already paid for the event, you may do so now.  Please note, prepay is what guarantees you a spot if we sell out.
  • If you would like to purchase items with your character’s credits from the open market select “Yes” next to “Would you like to purchase items?”
  • Use the drop down menu to select the item and it should add to your list.
  • Continue using the drop down menu that will appear after each selection to purchase all your gear.
  • Once complete, click confirm changes.

NPC Instructions:

  • After clicking to register as a NPC, you can choose whether to participate in our NPC meal plan for $15, otherwise you will be responsible for feeding yourself.
  • If you choose the meal plan it will give you access to a paypal button to prepay for your food and note any severe food allergies.
  • Click confirm changes and you’re done!

If you have any questions, please contact our logistics team at: Information on game dates, locations, site info, pre-registration, and prepay should be available on this website, but check our forums or Facebook group for more information. If you are going to arrive on-site outside of the check-in hours, please email our logistics team ( before the game.

Game X Payment

This button is for the current price for our final, extra-long event, Thursday, August 20, through Sunday, August 23, 2020. ($100 through June, $120 in July and August if there are still tickets available):

While paying as early as you can helps us better plan and make the purchases/payments we need to, we understand that some folks are more sensitive to the increased cost of the longer event. Below are buttons for monthly payment plan options. These will have their final payment no later than June, so the six month ($16.67 x 6) option will become unavailable in February, five month ($20 x 5) unavailable in March, and four month ($25 x 4) unavailable April. They’ll automatically stop at the end of the sequence you choose, but you can start any of them early. (So if you start a 4-month plan in January, it will end in April.) These payments will show up as subscriptions to Northwest Role Playing Games (NWRPGs), the 501c3 organization that Spite belongs to. Starting a payment option secures your spot.

Six month plan:

Five month plan:

Four month plan:

Players who will be NPCing for the entire game can buy into our NPC food plan for $15:

We may be able to accommodate reasonable dietary restrictions, let us know.
NPCs will be expected to help either with cooking or dishes of NPC meals. 

We’re a volunteer run non-profit organization and appreciate your support! We reward members who are able to donate to Spite with Hive Points, perks that can be used to aid your character.

Number of Hive Points
Names of any other recipients:

For information on what to do when you arrive on site or how to register the day of the game visit the logistics page.