Posted by Ron Leota on Apr 30, 2018

Spite Photo and Video Policy

The privacy and safety of our participants is paramount to the Spite team. We recommend thoroughly reading this policy before taking video or pictures at the game.


Photos/Video for In Game Use:

One of the amazing benefits of Spite’s setting is the integration of modern technology into game play. By attending the game, all participants in Spite: A Science Fiction LARP consent to having photos or video taken of them for In Game role-play purposes.

  • Any surveillance photos or video taken of participants may be used for In-Game purposes only. These are never to be publicly displayed or distributed without the consent of all involved parties.


Commercial Photos/Videos

Commercial use of photos and videos, beyond being posted on the main Spite Facebook Group and/or Spite Webpage and its forums, are not allowed. If there is any change to this stance, participants will be alerted well before the game.


Required Permission
Permission is required from anyone who will recognizably appear in a photo/video. This can be obtained by simply asking. If photos or videos from the game contain someone who doesn’t want to be displayed, their likeness may be edited/removed, so the piece can be posted.  

  • Refusal to take down or edit a photo/video (even on a private social media) may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Spite.
  • Spite and its parent organization will have final say as to whether a photo or video is allowed to remain online.
  • Participants may post game photos/videos to the Spite Facebook Group and/or to personal social media pages as long as everyone pictured has given permission.
  • Players will have the option to opt out of their image being used by contacting the photographer.
  • All photographers and videographers must be playing the game, acting in an in game way, and have appropriate tags for their equipment. They may not conduct OOG interviews while the game is running and must be active participants in the game.


Photos/Videos for Private Use

Participants are welcome to post photos and videos from event to the official Facebook page, as well as their personal social media channels. These photos/videos may be added to the Spite website with the permission of the photographer/videographer.